The Question

This is a simple global survey for sharing our views on the meaningful ways we benefit from nature. What is nature doing for us now? What did nature do for us today?  Does that differ around the world and across cultures? And, while we are at it, what are we doing for nature on a daily basis?

Simply click on “Share Experiences” below or email to share your responses to “The Question” – What did nature do for you today? You can answer the question in words, art, music or images!

We interact with nature everyday – whether we’re aware of it or not. All of us view our connection with the natural environment in different ways. How do we benefit? How does nature improve our health and well-being? Answering this question will help us understand – across countries and cultures – people’s perceptions of nature. You will be helping to provide added meaning and understanding to what science and government refer to as “Ecosystem Services”:  i.e. the benefits (goods and services) that humans obtain from nature to support their well-being.

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