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It has been said that poetry is the language of the soul. Since meaningful nature experience is, by definition, profound, it follows that poetry may be one of the best tools we have for plumbing the depths of matters of soul.

Poetry has the uncanny ability to be able to convey things which words alone cannot. Behind these styled and patterned words on the page, poetry is capable of evoking rich images, meanings, textures and essences which subtlety point to ‘a something more’ than that which is, at surface value, being said.  Poetry reveals certain secrets but also avoids telling all.

Poetry reflects an attentive observation and awareness of the world. It captures moments of sensory perception that allow for aesthetic expression to dance and then become fused with contemplative reflection.  Poetry is an emergent property for how our conscious being interrelates with the world.

Yet poetry can also just be playful, cheeky, provocative and fun. There are indeed prescribed genres and structures which define it as the creative art form it is. But for the individual, poetry, like music, can always be a form of individual expression  that need not be limited by set standards or expectations. After all, the joy in life is in the creating.

This page is a place for poetry. We have included some of our own but also give you the option to share a poem. We only ask that it is your own work (and/or you are permitted to share it) and that it relates to eyes4earth.org themes: i.e. nature experience, connectedness and consciousness.

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