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We are pleased to announce the release of the pdf version of the illustrated iBookCave & The Contemplator, which was launched earlier this year. Cave & The Contemplator is a short descriptive story derived from some of the phenomenological research comprising Matthew Zylstra’s PhD dissertation (published in April 2014).

Until the 7th November, the publications can be purchased for the reduced prices of A$3.99 (pdf) and A$1.99 (iBook). Proceeds go toward supporting the continued development of the Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness Group

Cave & The Contemplator

An evocative journey into nature connectedness.

Adventures into remote areas can be as unpredictable as they are profound. This poetic story follows ‘The Contemplator’ on a sojourn into wilder nature. It traces his process of facing anxieties, questioning and opening up to the tantalizing wonders revealed through insightful exchanges between nature and soul. The Contemplator’s meaningful experiences invite conversation and reflection on their implications for personal growth and collective learning.

This exploration of direct nature experience serves as an accessible reference for facilitators, practitioners and anyone interested in nature connectedness, deep ecology, ecopsychology, phenomenology, outdoor adventure, sustainability education and generative leadership.
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