October 2014
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Hi everyone,
Now that the PhD dissertation is complete, the focus has been on:
    1. Disseminating writings and research snippets from the dissertation;
    2. Writing up new pieces (for both scientific and general audiences) based on the research done; and
    3. Applying and further testing key concepts related to meaningful experience and nature connection in the field.
This update provides an overview of some of the steps taken in achieving these aims.
Warm regards,
Matthew Zylstra
It took longer than we could have ever imagined but we are happy to announce that our article on "connectedness with nature" has recently been published online in Springer Science Reviews.

Connectedness as a Core Conservation Concern:
An Interdisciplinary Review of Theory and a Call for Practice

If you have difficulties accessing the article then please email matt@earthcollective.net

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Feel it in the Bones

A sensory animal tracking exercise unexpectedly becomes a spiritual experience...

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The PowerPoint slides which accompanied Matthew Zylstra's final PhD seminar given earlier this year are now available to view online.

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Members from the Baviaanskloof Nature Awareness (BNA) Group will reunite in the Baviaanskloof Hartland between 22-25 October. After a couple of years hiatus, the aim is to reconnect with each other, the area and discuss ways for moving the vision forward. If you would like to support this initiative with a donation, please contact matt@eyes4earth.org
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Nature needs our attention

Matthew Zylstra was a finalist in Stellenbosch University's New Voices in Science competition, with work featured in both the writing and photography categories.

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eyes4earth.org is a portal into meaningful nature experience and connectedness with nature. It draws on scientific research and experiential insight to explore implications for sustainability education and consciousness.
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